18 Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for Your Office Gift Exchange

As the holiday season rolls around, offices across the nation ramp up for their annual parties. One way to get the fun rolling at your office party is to host a Dirty Santa gift exchange. Imagine all the possibilities for fun when you combine a group of people who generally dislike being in each others company more than necessary with a bunch of alcohol and a festive gift exchange with some wacky gifts. For this year’s fete, we have the perfect Dirty Santa gift ideas for you and your office mates!

Some of these Dirty Santa gift ideas are a little bit wacky, while some are devastatingly cool. They’re perfect for keeping the party lively and entertaining. They are also safe for work (SFW)—we don’t want any lawsuits. Just good, clean fun for the office!

Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for the Office Epicurean

1. A Tumbler Glass for All the Days

Self-medicators rejoice! Much like a pill box, this glass provides an easy booze-delivery system to ensure the correct dosage based on the level of shit you dealt with at the office.

Your boss will love this novelty glass, based on the consistent appearance of wrinkled suits, bloodshot eyes, and overuse of breath mints, especially come Fridays. Whoever ends up with this Yankee Swap gift, they won’t have trouble getting through the remainder of the awkward holiday party. Just fill up to the “What Day?” line and drink to forget!

2. Cool Lunchbox

Buying your lunch is so 2016. Everyone knows all the cool kids in the office pack their own lunch. That’s why this sleek, modern lunchbox will be a hit at the next office Yankee Swap. Impress the fancy foodies with your sense of suave style and picky practicality.

Bon appetit!

3. Pour Over Coffee Maker

Offices are notorious for bad coffee. Dirty Santa’s theory is that Morgan the Receptionist, who makes the morning joe for the office, bears a grudge against everyone for not acknowledging her work.

The truest coffee snobs take things into their own hands. The pour over coffee maker will delight all caffeine addicts—and get Morgan off everyone’s back.

4. Miniature Espresso Maker

If pour over isn’t your cup of coffee, make an espresso! With this cute little espresso maker, you can make an espresso anywhere: in the break room, at a meeting, in the George Costanza-style secret lair, even under the desk when duck-and-covering during an earthquake.

The over-caffeinated coworkers will duke it out for this White Elephant gadget during the office gift exchange like you’ve never seen.

It’s also a perfect Dirty Santa gift idea for those who say “expresso”.

5. Office Essentials Coffee Mug

You know the best place to give mugs with quotes from the television show The Office? The Dirty Santa gift exchange, of course!

Perfect recipients: Steven from IT who never stops quoting Dwight or Suzanne from across the hallway who thinks she’s Pam. Hey, maybe they can share it.

Here’s an idea: buy one for yourself to add a little humor to your sorry office life.

6. Handmade Leather Bike Cup Holder

Bike commuters. Every office has got at least one. There’s never a shortage of office gift exchange ideas for them. And boy, do they love their gear or what?

They certainly like carrying around their beverages. Surprise your two-wheeled office mates with this functional and good-looking bike cup holder that attaches to their handle bars. Fits coffee cups, cans, and 12-ounce bottles.

7. Cool (Literally!) Insulated Water Bottle

Who needs a water cooler when you have your own insulated water bottle? It keeps its contents hot (coffee) or cold (water), and definitely concealed (whiskey).

Introverts who hate small talk at the office water cooler will appreciate it more than anyone else.

Dirty Santa gift ideas for the office don’t come any more practical than this.

8. Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminum Case

Sushi Friday is the new big thing (look it up). Whoever gets these titanium chopsticks at the Yankee Swap office gift exchange will be one cool tuna! All of a sudden,

They’ll also help keep hair in a bun, poke the fire, and scratch your boss’s back. Just don’t poke your eye out.

Useful Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

9. Who Is a Badass? You Are a Badass! Desk Calendar

We all need a little reminder sometimes. When work gets tough, the tough get our bad asses going! Based on the best-selling book by Jen Sincero, the badass calendar offers quotes and advice for leading a more badass office life.

That’s pretty badass.

10. Mechanical Kitty Bank

Everyone knows that Janice from finance is a cat lady. She’s also thrifty (duh!). But she’s not the only one who will love the mechanical kitty bank. It’s a perfect Dirty Santa gift for every office worker with time on their hands. Watching the kitty snag a coin never gets old.

11. A Cute, Cat-Shaped Power Bank

This is one powerful kitty and she’ll back you up. A backup power source is a necessity in these times. What would happen if Steve’s smartphone died in the middle of his foursome Scrabble game? Or what if Jennifer’s tablet died in the middle of her inspirational self-help audio book? Sure they might get some work done, but why risk it?

Dirty Santa loves this power bank because it’s not only cute but also helps avoid office emergencies..

12. Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Selfie fanatics of the world unite! And get a load of this handy remote shutter, which allows to take selfies up to 30 feet away. We’re talking office group selfies, break-room, shenanigan selfies, office Dirty Santa gift exchange party selfies—all without awkward holding of the phone.

13. White Metal Bulletin Board

There are cubicles and then there are cubicles. The white metal bulletin board is one of those office white elephant gift ideas that will transform the former kind into the latter. A little decoration never hurts in the despair of cubicle land.

Being metal, it also works as a shield in case of a zombie apocalypse.

14. Hanging Planter Vase

Research shows that plants improve people’s mood. Lord and Dirty Santa both know that every office could use a little mood enhancement. Hang this planter vase on the wall, and watch all employees within sight sing inspirational songs and work like madmen.

15. Magic Cube Tissue Box

You could solve the magic cube or you could cry over it. For the latter occasion, there’s the magic cube-looking tissue box. The magic is in pulling tissues out like it’s a magician’s hat.

16. Star Wars Rebel Fighter Headphones

Attention all nerds! Dirty Santa knows you’d rather be flying spaceships, rescuing galactic princesses, and fighting the Darth Vaders of the universe. But here you are, stuck in an office doing work monkeys could.

Looking like a rebel fighter is the next best thing. Start with the rebel fighter headphones that will instantly up your coolness ratio among your fellow office nerds.

If they don’t steal them at the Dirty Santa gift exchange first, that is.

17. I Am Very Busy Agenda

Whoever ends up with this planner in the office Yankee Swap will broadcast into the world what they think everyone should know: they are very very busy. Pink will add extra volume into the scream and the size will make it pop. As long as they don’t tell the boss they’re busy writing things down in it, right?

Be careful, next they might want to say they are very busy on a funny t-shirt.

18. The Office Trivia Game

Question: What are the best Dirty Santa gift ideas? It isn’t a question in The Office Trivia Game but it totally should be. Well, there are a lot of other fun questions in there, providing enough fun for the whole office for weeks to come. Who knows, maybe your Yankee Swap gift exchange game turns into a trivia game.

Answer: Those that you can find on this here Dirty Santa Gift Ideas website!

Featured image by wintersoul1.