17 White Elephant Gadgets: Dirty Santa Gift Ideas for Geeks

Whatever you call your Christmas gift exchange party, the game has to involve awesome gifts that everyone wants. The more stealing takes place at your Dirty Santa / White Elephant / Yankee Swap, the more fun your party will be. Gadgets make some of the most popular Dirty Santa gifts: not only are they useful, they’re cool too. Want to be the hippest geek at your next White Elephant party? Check out these hot White Elephant gadgets. There’s something for everyone!

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Electric/Electronic White Elephant Gadgets

1. Original Rug Carpet Alarm Clock for Even the Worst Sleepyheads

This isn’t in everyone’s White Elephant gift budget, but for those who are out to impress—and get steals—check out this Carpet Alarm Clock.

Perfect for the snooze button addicts among us, this alarm clock requires the snoozer to stand on it, applying pressure for 3 seconds or more to turn it off. Users can program it to require 30 seconds of pressure. Even the sleepiest of snoozers won’t want to go to bed after 30 seconds of standing.

You can also program the Carpet Alarm Clock to play motivational messages to get you going on you day, such as “Get up! You have to wrap your Dirty Santa gifts!”

2. Tile Slim Phone and Wallet Finder for Even Worse Scatterbrains

Tile Slim is a small, bluetooth tracking device for the scatterbrained and absent-minded among us. For those who are constantly losing their purses, laptops, keys, phone, or small children, Tile Slim connects you with your lost items through your phone.

Can’t remember where you left your purse? Using your phone app, find the general area your purse is in and then ring the Tile Slim to track it down. You can also press the Tile Slim to ring your phone. Especially helpful at busy Dirty Santa gift exchange parties. Neato!

3. Nerdy but Also Cool Bluetooth Programmable Scrolling Badge

Office nerds will love this programmable scrolling badge!

Bored with plain name badges that don’t scroll or light up? Bring this gift to the Dirty Santa office party and watch the steals ignite the IT department into a frenzy! This badge can fit eight different programmable messages, so there’s a lot of fun to be had with this White Elephant Gift.

We know what you’re thinking for your badge, IT staff. “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

4. USB Desk Personal Fan for Hot Geeks

It’s hot in summer, remember? Science says so. Remember those 100 degree days back in August? How nice would it have been to have your own little USB portable fan hooked up to your laptop, blowing cool air directly on your face.

It’s true folks, you don’t have to share this USB personal fan with your sister or your roommate Joey. Stop sitting behind me while I play World of Warcraft Joey. I know you’re just trying to get in the airflow of my USB Desk Personal Fan. The key word here is personal, Joey.

5. Keychain Breathalyzer: A Tool to Test Your Limits

So, yeah, you had some drinks. Maybe even a few dranks. Was it three drinks over five hours, or five drinks over three hours? One, the former, means a somewhat (not 100%) safe blood alcohol content (BHC) to operate a vehicle depending on your body weight and gender, while the other means putting others and yourself in danger, and risking a DUI.

While those of us at Dirty Santa Gift Ideas maintain that any amount of drinking can make a person unsafe to drive, especially after one of our Dirty Santa parties, the Keychain Breathalyzer can help you determine where you’re at.

Information is power, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. A Star Wars USB Car Charger: A White Elephant Gadget for the Nerdiest of Nerds

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

What is nerdier than a Star Wars gadget? A Star Wars gadget that helps power all of your other nerdy White Elephant gadgets!

This Star Wars USB car charger is an R2D2 action figure and useful tool in one. It plugs into the 12v outlet (that’s your cigarette lighter), fits perfectly in a cup holder, and has the power to charge two tables simultaneously. Its head spins and it makes beeping sounds, just like R2D2. Surely to be a hit among your nerdiest of guests at your next White Elephant gift exchange.

Other R2-D2 gifts available:

white elephant gadgets dirty santa gadgets

7. Bluetooth Headphones for Gym Rats and Athletic Gadget Geeks

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B078RLYTVZ” locale=”US” src=”https://dirtysantagiftideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/41p0LAGmwvL.jpg” tag=”dirtysanta-20″ width=”500″]

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to work out with a long headphone cord attached to your device. Enter the latest in headphone technology (at least for Dirty Santa), cordless Bluetooth Headphones!

These headphones are battery-powered and stay charged for up to eight hours, and connect with your smartphone device via Bluetooth so users can play their favorite playlist and podcasts. There’s no worry of devices going flying across the room because a silly cord got in the way. Bound to be one of the most popular White Elephant gadgets!

8. Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

Do you know what dirty Santas and white elephants have in common? They both hate having to turn on the light to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Turning on the light during your midnight visit to the restroom brings many risks. You risk waking up your annoying kids. You risk temporary blinding yourself from the bright light. And you risk not being able to fall back asleep. Time to get a Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight.

Time to bring this amazing, problem-solving gadget to your next Dirty Santa gift exchange and be someone’s hero.

NOW in various colors!

9. Romantic Rotating Star Sky Night Lamp

Nightlights are not only nice for toilets, they’re nice for bedrooms and other parts of the house as well. Set the mood with this Romantic Rotating Star Sky Night Lamp.

Turn in on, turn the lights off, watch your room transform into a starry night…and let the magic happen. Also doubles as a great White Elephant party gadget. Invite 100 of your friends over, play some deep house music, serve jello shots, crank up the thermostat and relive all the great raves of your 20s.

Whatever one decides to do with this nightlight, Dirty Santa party guests will be stealing it left and right.

10. Digital Tape Measure for the Measuring Types

This digital measuring tape gadget solves that age-old problem of trying to read the little measurement marks on a tape measure. This is one of those White Elephant gadgets that displays the measurement digitally, which also means more accurately. No more having to squint and estimate if it’s 5’5″ or actually 5’4.75″.

This handy gadget measures up to 16 feet and is sure to be a hit among people who measure lots of things (construction workers, architects, and scientists, we assume) at your Yankee Swap Gift Exchange.

11. What Every Photo Geek Needs: Camalapse 4

So, you know Jenny, that woman in Finance you have had a crush on for about a decade? Well, she is newly single and she’ll be at the annual company Dirty Santa party party this year. Guess what? She is a total photography geek. That’s right! Now you like her even more, don’t you?

The best way to impress Jenny would be to bring the Camalapse 4 to the party. Camalapse 4 ranks among the perfect White Elephant gadgets because it allows you to set up your smartphone to take perfect panning time-lapse videos or panoramic still shots. Jenny will love it.

But what if someone steals it from her and she isn’t able to steal it back?! We’ve got you. Buy an extra one and surprise her with it later in the party. Even better, buy one for yourself and ask Jenny on a panning-time lapse date.

Man, Dirty Santa, Sir, we’re good at this.

12. Credit Card Flash Drive for High Rollin’ Nerds

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B06XK8GW4D” locale=”US” src=”https://dirtysantagiftideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/41ZnpEbmbcL.jpg” tag=”dirtysanta-20″ width=”500″]
Whoa, look at this high roller with his fat wallet! He must be ri-WHAT? That’s a USB flash drive in there? Even cooler!

Gone are the days of USB flash drives not fitting into your wallet. This slim storage unit holds up to 16GB of your precious Word documents and puppy photos. The USB plug folds out to attach to your computer and laptop, then folds right back into the shape of a credit card, which fits neatly in your wallet.

Genius, we say.

Impress your friends with this White Elephant gadget at your next gift exchange.

Non-Electronic White Elephant Gadgets

13. Sit Anywhere With the Ultralight Mini Pocket Blanket

Tiny outdoor gadgets that make being in the outdoors easier are very popular gifts at Yankee Swap gift exchange parties. This Ultralight Mini Pocket Blanket fits the bill.

Ever go hiking or on a picnic and forget to bring a blanket to sit on? Worried about how much the grass lawn at the park serves as a giant toilet for dogs? Clip this tiny blanket onto your backpack and you never have to worry again.

Large enough for one person to lounge and two people to sit side-by-side, this waterproof blanket is perfect for people who love the outdoors, but don’t want to carry around a giant blanket to sit on. There are tons of places you can plop this blanket down and have a sit: from the beach, to the woods, to Central Park.

Buy it and watch your fellow Dirty Santa party guests fight over it.

14. Drink It Up With a Portable Personal Water Filter

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B06ZY6YM1G” locale=”US” src=”https://dirtysantagiftideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/6147rlZwlmL.jpg” tag=”dirtysanta-20″ width=”500″]

Enter yet another gift for the outdoor enthusiasts AND the disaster survivalists. This portable water filter makes most non-potable water perfectly safe to drink. Fill your container and use this water filter like a straw.

Water filters have become pretty compact these days, and this one packs light and can even clip onto the front of your backpack. People love it, like this reviewer, for its compact size: “This pen-like water filter is so handy to carry when going camping or hiking as you don’t actually need to bring bulky water bottle.”

Get this cool gift for your next White Elephant Gift Exchange!

15. Make Margaritas Easier with a Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

Last year you noticed your White Elephant party host making margaritas using an old-school citrus juicer. You know, one of those circular-shaped things you have to twist the lime on repeatedly, probably contributing to carpal tunnel or arthritis? So this year you decided to do something about it and bring this handy gadget as a White Elephant gift, and one extra for the host just in case.

This nifty citrus squeezer will revolutionize margarita making. Used like a garlic press, it gets all of the juice out in one press. You must place the lime or lemon half bottom-up in the squeezer to get the maximum effect.

It looks strange, but dang it works. When Dirty Santa gives you lemons…

16. Foot Recovery Set for the Whiny Nerds at Your Dirty Santa Party

“Foot pain ain’t no joke,” said some insightful person a long time ago. It’s the gosh-darn truth, and some made-up studies show that Dirty Santa gift exchange party guests have a higher prevalence of food pain than other types of party guests. Be the hero and purchase this foot massager set for your next Christmas gift exchange party, it’ll be one of the best Dirty Santa gift ideas you’ve ever had.

The set includes a massager roller and two massage balls.

Ahhh, yess. That’s the sound of instant relief of a party guest’s foot pain at your next Dirty Santa gift exchange. Gifts for science nerds don’t get much more beneficial than that.

17. Brown Guac Beware: Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Ohhh, party foul! Cindy brought day-old guac to the party, and it’s all brown on top!

Why? Avocados contain enzymes that cause the flesh to turn brown when exposed to air. Cindy’s guacamole isn’t bad. She only made it last night.

The best way you keep your guacamole fresh looking is to keep it away from air. The Guac-Lock Container locks in the guacamole and locks out the air, so your guac always looks green and fresh and delicious.

So cut Cindy some slack, and bring this great kitchen gadget to your next White Elephant gift exchange and hope Cindy gets it and steals this gift any chance she gets.

Featured image by Bricknave.